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About Soul Fruitful Dietetics

Welcome! Soul Fruitful Dietetics is a professional health consultancy founded by an Accredited Practising Dietitian based in Brisbane. Our Dietitian is passionate about food, nutrition, and overall well-being. She understands the real-life barriers can make a healthy lifestyle challenging. Our Dietitian is here to support you holistically to find a "food life balance" in you, where you can feel positive and confident about yourself in your journey to wellness.

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Private Consultations

Our Dietitian formulates care plan based on your needs and provides heartfelt support for you to reach your health goals effectively.

Initial Consultation | 60 minutes | $110

Bulk billing available with GP management plan.

Home visit service available with an extra $30.

Best for individuals who want professional advice about food, health, and nutrition as well as ready to start making small changes to work towards health goals. In the first consultation, our Dietitian will conduct a thorough nutrition assessment with you then formulate a care plan that suits your needs.

We provide evidence-based practice for the following areas:

  • Weight management (weight loss/gain)

  • Chronic disease management

    • High blood glucose/ Diabetes​/ Insulin resistance

    • High blood pressure

    • High blood lipids/ cholesterol

    • Fatty liver

    • Gout

  • Elderly health

    • Sarcopenia (losing muscles)​

  • Paediatric Nutrition​

    • Fussy eating​

    • Faltering growth

  • Cancer prevention and recovery

  • General healthy eating


Review Consultation | 30 minutes | $65
Bulk billing available with GP management plan.

Home visit service available with an extra $30.

Follow-up sessions are for reviewing the client's progress and to make adjustments as needed to promote sustainable results. Clients with complex health conditions or wish to receive effective ongoing support from our Dietitian are suggested to book in a review session on a timely basis.


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Practice locations: Richlands, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills

Tel/WhatsApp: 0426 054 154

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