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Green Goodness

Initial Consultation 

60 minutes session |  $120|

Bulk billing is available with a GP management plan at some locations. 
Home visit service available with an extra fee. 

Please contact dietitians to confirm. 

At the first consultation, our Dietitian will perform a thorough nutrition assessment with you including:

  • Anthropometry measurement

  • Medical history

  • Recent diet history

  • Social history (work/ family/ psychological)

Our Dietitian will work with you to build a personalised care plan that YOU CAN DO to work towards your health goals! Nutritional resources will be explained and provided to ensure that you are ready to start the journey.

Please bring your recent health report, such as a blood test report with you when attending the initial consultation for taking a complete medical history. Thank you.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the consultation. 

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