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How to book

GP referrals

If you are eligible for a GPMP/TCA and would like to be referred through the care plan to us, you will need to provide the following information to your GP:

  • The allied health professional name
    (please find the full name of our dietitians below)

    • Macy - Wai Chi, KWAN​

    • Krysten - Hong Ying, SIU

    • Angie - Hei Yan, CHAN

  • Information about the clinic that you would like to attend

    • Name of the clinic

    • Address of the clinic

    • Phone number and fax number of the clinic

  • Make sure your GP is giving sessions for ‘Dietitian’

Call the clinic and make an appointment.

We provide bulk-billed sessions for GPMP/TCA and DVA Gold Card referrals.*
*From 1st Jan 2023, some clinics may charge a $20 gap fee per session, please check with the clinic or the dietitian.

Learn more about GPMP/TCA:

Private consultations

If you do not have any GPMP/TCA, you are also welcome to see us. Simply call the clinic you wish to attend and make an appointment. (Please be aware that there will be a difference in consultation fees)

Private Health Funds

You may claim benefits towards a dietitian consultation with your private health funds. The rebate will depend on your plan and level of cover. You can contact your private health fund provider to find out the rebate, you will need to provide the following details to your provider.

  • Ask your provider if your plan covers ‘dietitian consultations’ or ‘dietetics’

  • If yes, provide them with the name of the dietitian you are intended to see.

    • Macy – Wai Chi, KWAN

    • Krysten – Hong Ying, SIU

    • Angie – Hei Yan, CHAN

  • Provide the cost of the session

    • Initial consultation: $120

    • Review sessions: $75

Please click the name below to find out more details
Fruits and Nuts

Macy Kwan

Soul Fruitful Dietetics


T13 (next to Pham Solicitors), 511 Archerfield Road, Richlands

Tel: 0425 054 154

Available: Every Fri 9:30am - 5pm

Please call/text/ Whatsapp or make a booking online.

Times GP


Suite 16, Ground Floor Times Square, 250 McCullough St

Tel: 07 3518 8888

Fax: 07 3532 0278

Available: Every Thu 9am- 5:00pm

Make a booking online.

Macy Kwan clinics
Fruits and Nuts

Krysten Siu

MyHealth Sunnybank


Shop 133 Sunnybank Plaza

Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St

Tel: 07 3344 6866

Fax: 07 3216 9902

Available: Mon 9:30am- 4:00pm

Times GP


Suite 16, Ground Floor Times Square, 250 McCullough St

Tel: 07 3518 8888

Fax: 07 3532 0278

Available: Fri 9:30am- 5:00pm

Make a booking online.


Family Doctors


Underwood Central,

Next to ALDI 9, 21 Kingston Rd

Tel: 07 3219 9996

Fax: 07 3841 1311

Available: Wed 1:00pm- 5:30pm


Garden City


Shop 2068 Westfield Garden City 2049 Cnr Logan & Kessel Rd

Tel: 07 3349 4504

Fax: 07 3349 4515

Available: Thu 9:30am- 4:00pm

Krysten's clinic
Fruits and Nuts

Angie Chan

Vivo Physio & Health Management


2254 Logan Road,

Upper Mount Gravatt

Tel: 07 3349 9262

Fax: 07 3349 9307

Available: Thu 2:00pm -6:30pm fortnightly

Boronia Park Medical Centre


Boronia Heights

Shopping Centre, 3-4/90 Parklands Dr

Tel: 07 3809 2333

Fax: 07 3809 3750

Available: Thu 9:30am- 4:00pm


Star Medical Centre


302 Mains Road, Sunnybank 

Tel: 07 3345 4838

Fax: 07 3423 7350

Available: Fri 9:30am- 5:00pm fortnightly 

Turbot Street Medical Centre

Tel: 07 3839 0128
Telehealth only

Please call to make a booking.

Mowbray Park Medical & Dermatology


Suite 101/ 33 Lytton Road,

East Brisbane

Tel: 07 3078 3930

Fax: 07 3078 3931

Available: Fri 9am - 2pm monthly

Angie's clinic
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