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We also support clients with eating disorder diagnoses.

Area of practice in eating disorders (age >18 above):

  • Binge eating disorder

  • Anorexia nervosa

  • Bulimia nervosa

  • ARFID - extreme fussy eating

  • Orthorexia

Our dietitian and credentialled eating disorder clinician,

Macy, can help you if you struggle with the following:

  • yoyo dieting

  • emotional eating

  • stress, guilt and anxiety around eating and food

  • poor body image

Disordered Eating/ Eating Disorder Recovery

Initial consultation (60 minutes) 

Private fee: $150/ Gap fee: $90 (with a GPMP*/ EDMP**) 

In the first consultation, Macy will:

  • Conduct a nutrition assessment

  • Collect information from the client to get to know more about the client's background and needs. 

  • Discuss on non-negotiables

  • Set up a treatment direction for future appointments 


Follow up session

30 minutes:
Private fee: $100/ Gap fee: $45 (with a GPMP*/ EDMP**)

45 minutes: 

Private fee: $125/ Gap fee: $67 (with a GPMP*/ EDMP**)

During follow-up sessions, Macy will:

  • Follow up on the client's progress and feelings about the current support 

  • Discuss the major struggles 

  • Provide strategies and support 

  • Set goals for future appointments


*GP Management Plan (GPMP)

  • Under a GPMP, you can receive 5 allied health services (including dietitian) per calendar year. 

  • Please check your eligibility and speak to your GP if you are interested in setting up the plan to see allied health professionals. 

  • Please note that it is not a bulk billed service. If you are in financial hardship, please contact our dietitians. We will adjust the fee based on your situation. 


**Eating Disorder Management Plan (EDMP)

Eligibility: if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Be diagnosed with an eating disorder

  • A score of 3 or more on the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire

  • Rapid weight loss or binge eating or inappropriate compensatory behaviour 3 or more times a week.

OR have at least 2 of the following indicators:

  • body weight less than 85% of expected weight as a result of an eating disorder

  • high risk of, or current medical complications due to eating disorder behaviours and symptoms

  • serious comorbid medical or psychological conditions that significantly impact their medical or psychological health

  • hospital admittance for an eating disorder in the last 12 months

  • inadequate treatment response to evidence-based eating disorder treatments over the last 6 months.


Under the EDMP, you can receive 20 dietetics services per 365 days from the date of issue. Please note that it is not bulk billed, a gap fee will be applied. If you are in financial hardship, please contact our dietitians, we will adjust the fee based on your situation. ​

We understand that disordered eating patterns can be complex and challenging to navigate, and we are committed to providing a non-judgmental, safe space for our clients to explore their struggles and work towards recovery.

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